Sacred Plant Essential Oils

Organic or Wildcrafted Pure Essential Oils, Tested for purity and efficacy.  When only the Best will do!  Call for product catalog. 

Medical Grade Health Magnets

Got Pain?  These powerful health magnets are up to 100 times stronger than most other magnets on the market.  Experience it!

Wool Batting Pillows and Comforters

Just Like My Grandmother used to make.  When you want the Best, Healthiest, Longest lasting Pillows and Comforters for you Baby

Special Health Teas

Kydny, Nurv, Lypf, and 10sion Teas are Great for whats bugging you.  Organic and wildcrafted from fine select Herbs. Yummm!

Hemp Flower Oil Products

Made from the Flowers of the Hemp Plant with many health benefits for many conditions.  Highest Quality Organic product

Andean Treasures

Gorgeous woven goods and jewelry handcrafted and unique.  Made by the Indigineous of South America

Susan and Wes thank you for coming to our site.  

To order, or for product list, Please give us a call or an email, we look forward to connecting soon!



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